A Stimulating two hour Chinese immersion course for up to 20 people which can be held at your home or office! during which you will learn:

  • To speak 20 basic Mandarin phrases
  • To count up to 100 in Mandarin
  • To write your name using Chinese calligraphy
  • Essential social and business etiquette (greeting, meeting and eating)
  • How to use the latest “cool” Chinese social media
  • Eight principles of Feng Shui for your house or flat
  • The eight biggest events in 5000 years of Chinese history
  • Eight major misconceptions about China
  • Why the number 8 is important in China
  • About Chinese company names: why LinkedIn got it wrong and BMW got it right

The winner(s) will also each receive a free copy of the Academy’s unique “QuickFire Chinese Survival Manual”

Valid for six months from 21st September 2017